Title Bar and Leash Holders


Title Bar Holders (which include MACH Bar Holders, PACH and PAX Bar Holders, ADCH and CATCH Bar Holders, and more) and Leash Holders are hand made from solid maple with a natural stain and polyurethane finish.  The routed edge provides an exquisitely finished shape from which you can proudly display your championship bars or leashes.

The standard bar holder includes one engraved photograph, agility equipment, names (and titles if desired), and hardware for mounting and holding bars or leashes (please specify).

Available Accessories:
– Extra bar holder bones (allows you to hang additional bars)
– Ribbon straps (allows you to hang one rosette per strap anywhere on bar)
– Hideaway single or double ribbon holder
– Additional photo(s), up to two additional, in place of agility equipment

Once we receive your photos, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery

Click below to view some samples!


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